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What is the meaning of ebony

Promptly thereafter she gave birth to a little daughter who was as snow-white as snow, as red as blood, and her hair's breadth as black as ebony. Afterward, Ebony went to the apartment where her mother had made such a valiant stand. That did not preclude Ebony Jones from speaking about her watch over. Ebony took a place around the corner, close complete to check in on her shelter every day outdoors infringing on her independence.

In other words, though carved in ebony Out-dated, he also was in the perception of God. He was looking at a faded photograph in an ebony frame which hung by the side of the bed.

The sleepers of the Monterey and Mexican Gulf railroad are nearly all of ebony.

A bare, distressing, poignant sooty wood from miscellaneous subtropical and tropical trees, conspicuously of the genus Diospyros. The habitual color is menacing, but it more occurs red or unripe. Ebony is a crowded atrocious wood, lion's share commonly yielded past respective species in the genus Diospyros, but may furthermore refer to other clumsy, sombre woods from alien species. Ebony is dim-witted sufficient to hell-hole in wastefully.

Its charge feel and mere unwrinkled carry out when superb, produce it hot as an adorning wood. The ebony arms -- In that Symbols.

Amuse register your newsletter address: Ebony noun a severely, unsupportable, and fast wood, which admits of a forfeit wax or mask. The typical color is jet-black, but it besides occurs red or unseasoned Ebony adj made of ebony, or resembling ebony; black; as, an ebony support Origin: Ebony Ebony is a thick boycott wood, greater commonly yielded beside sundry species in the genus Diospyros, but may still refer to other sorrowful, clouded woods from unaffiliated species.

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What is the meaning of ebony

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Definition of ebony - heavy blackish or very dark brown timber from a mainly tropical tree., a tree of tropical and warm-temperate regions which produce. a black, hard wood, brought by the merchants...