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This is a chat room for the chatroom lovers from india. The chatroom does not require you to register or sign up....

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  • Hello to you! This is a chat room for the chatroom lovers from india. The chatroom...
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  • Indian chat room is a place to meet Indian girls, boys, teens, couples, singles, men, women online.

to Enter Chat Room! This is a proper where you can point to free chatrooms to video chat live with girls and guys from round the globe. Let your friends know about it! Even though you're allowed to find love, choose note that this is not like an on the internet dating service website.

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Oxy gГЁne: Absolutely love your channel! After discovering it I have watched all of your videos xD Could you please make a video about dating a Persian man or woman?

Marissa J: Im french and I really like quebequois accent ;)

Carol Chen: I am Italian and despite what people keep saying, it is pretty accurate. EVEN for north Italians ;)

Thicc Daddy: Great video xD

Aitor PG: You should make a Spanish one

Sem Tix: So we all have different tastes?

Luteofolius: Please do Belgium, French, Polish, Sweden, and Dutch women :)

Greg Gammon: Do we Americans really say: You wanna hang out sometime? We don't say stuff like that in the South. I feel so ashamed, heh

Hafsa Batool: Woah I thought the UK would be high up. Also cheating is cheating even if given a different name, if you do not believe in monogamy then do not enter into monogamous relationship.


Philgob: Extremelly conservative country. be prepared

MultiJamesman: Totally missed welsh and Irish nice work in covering them all


Romi Ballagan: I'm Colombian and this is definitely not an accurate representation of Colombian women

OTTO Bihl: Loved the Liverpool one

ToonieMama: You're making our accent sound so bad

Hannah Grn: This is COMEDY y'all need to calm down

Papuc Smen: Women behave like men and men behave like women. fuck feminism.

Yougear: French? Sexiest language? Fils de pute de ta race

CherryGloomy: They forgot about Slovene, Slovak, Belarusian, Macedonian.

Cesar Ramirez: This one made me chuckle so bad.

Bianca Stoian: Fucks sake, a lot of hate going on for canadian guys

BubelaJC: Where is the Mexican man

Mikah Soul: I understand the artistic reasoning behind why you end the video's the way you do.

Edna Kirkland: These videos are retarded.

Techno Tard: I'm French and I didn't even reconnized my own language. :o

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There's no guarantee that after you paid the sum you will actually have someone to love. We know how much of value your time has. Many of us live a supressed real life.

So, lets make a move join the free india chat room and talk to indian strangers. Your chats are completely anonymous.


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