Pink armenia homosexual discrimination - Violence Against LGBT Activists in Armenia

Armenia is proclaimed as a democratic country, the basic guideline of which is the institutionalization and implementation of liberal values; therefore, the state and all interested organizations and associations acting...

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A homophobic attack in a small village in southern Armenia has generated a public discussion about human rights in Armenia and a challenge to the new prime minister. Activists protest in front of General Prosecutor's Office in Yerevan to demand proper investigation of hate crime cases in Armenia, April Last week, images of a bloodied face of a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT rights activist spread widely in Armenia — a victim of a mob attack in Shurnoukh village, where he and several others were guests at the home of fellow LGBT activist, Hayk Hakobyan.

A crowd of about 15 people were with the man, and it eventually swelled to about They shouted homophobic slurs and threats, demanding that Hakobyan and his guests leave the village.

Police stated that they questioned several of the attackers, but they have yet to charge or arrest anyone. Last April, Hakobyan was the victim of a homophobic assault in Goris.

He reported it, but the perpetrators were never prosecuted. Hakobyan said one of the assailants was also among his recent attackers. The criminal code does not recognize anti- LGBT hate as an aggravating criminal circumstance, and a government bill on equality does not include sexual orientation and gender identity as a ground for protection from discrimination.

Homophobic comments in the Armenian media — including by public figures — colored the public debate on the attack. Indulging hate in the short-term while hoping for better times in the long-term has never succeeded.

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Person for LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender mortals in Armenia, a socially conservative friendship where homophobia remains deep-rooted, is not easy. The difficulties are multiplied fitting for those living outside the capital, where society is even negative tolerant promoting LGBT humans. Socialising is particularly knotty, with no LGBT-friendly venues and hardly public places where gay people can be foolproof they when one pleases not be subject to abuse.

As an alternative, Arthur and his countrymans go to Yerevan on weekends, as a remainder km away, where they can handle more at ease. According to the survey, Life in the initial is aside no means easy. Centre of the hundreds of restaurants, pubs and coffee shops in Yerevan, not a single harry entertainment venue caters to the constituents of the LGBT community. There is a personal social for gay men and transgender women in Yerevan, which is open always to constituents and their friends.

When she moved to the capital to join her brother, she found absent from that he was gay.

"All my hopes...
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Venus Butterfly Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT rights in Armenia are not legislated in...
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