What happens after you die atheist dating - What happens when you die? The TWO STAGES of death revealed

An engineer, Alfred Ayodele, is one of the atheists in Nigeria. He said he started doubting the existence of God when he was in senior secondary...

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Across cultures, people who are more religious also tend to have more children than people who are not. We talk about the Buddha and tell folk religion origin stories.

We imagine someone who gets us, who shares the same truth or God or gods that we do, or, perhaps, who has uttered the same denials as us, or who remains as steadfastly unsure about the meaning of it all as we ourselves are. The assumption here is that sharing the same religion is a shortcut to deeper unity. No two believers are alike. It is like asking a Christian what would happened if he dies and finds out that Christianity is not the way but Islam; or what a Muslim would do if he dies and discovers that Judaism is the only true religion.

Millions of people were killed in the Bible by God himself or under His instruction.


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The evidence is there. Our philosophy on this comes from something the Buddha said. What happens to your body after you die? We understand the unexplainable. We talk about peace, justice, compassion, generosity and God — referencing religions far beyond our own, across time, distance, and culture.

  • This post certainly struck a nerve, particularly among atheist readers. One writes: "I...
  • So many faiths hinge on what happens after death, so much so, that they have...
  • For example, when I prayed to God and I didn't receive answers,...

Has the Revolution Started?

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What happens after you die atheist dating

As climate change wreaks havoc on the world in coming years and natural resources potentially grow scarce, then suffering and hardship could fuel religiosity. According to Buddhists, spirits are reincarnated into new bodies until they achieve enlightenment. Convincing anyone to drop their faith makes no sense. Show 25 25 50 All. There are studies that show that interfaith couples are better at communicating with one another than same-faith couples.

Do we live on after death? Is there a heaven? What is elysian fields like? What happens to my body? What happens to my soul? Medically speaking, death happens in two stages. The head, clinical death, lasts inasmuch as four to six minutes from the moment a person stops breathing and the heart stops pumping blood.

Atheism is on the rise around the world, so does that mean spirituality will soon be a thing of the past?

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